One of the most emotionally evocative experiences I have had in a long time. A tale of sin, love and honor in space.

User Rating: 8.5 | Analogue: A Hate Story PC
I was first sort of drawn in by the odd name when I saw this on Steam. I got that the name was a joke as I had heard of Digital: A Love Story. Either way the idea first came into my head that this was gonna be a cheap dating sim and I was like cool! Why is this on Steam? Why is it in the indie section? Either way I ended up getting it, and I was surprised to be greeted by a ingame command line-esque interface. Shortly after this you awaken a long dormant AI and from here the story unfolds. At first I sort of just skipped reading the initial logs and would just click through them until I found one that I could ask the AI about. However, the game starts to give you decisions on how to react and communicate with the AI. As explained ingame your typing input is apparently broken so you must make decisions essentially based on something akin to yes or no; however the answers you give are rarely so simple. The entire game hinges itself upon the amazingly detailed and well written story that you uncover, as to what was the fate of the failed colony and of the AI you converse with.
What really draws you in is the sense of mystery but what holds you is the concept of moral ambiguity. The game strongly focuses its razor sharp edge on the idea of sin and if some things can ever be forgiven. I never stopped feeling connected to the characters and their struggles. I found it increasingly more and more appealing to actually read the plethora of logs to understand the views and thoughts of the different characters especially since the games sets the world up in such a way that may remind most of the past even though it is sequestered in the distant future. The only problem I found in this game is the lack of any direction. You can actually complete this game in about 10-20 minutes if I recall correctly if you do not try to explore. However thankfully there is a progress meter that is shown when you save.
The average time to get through this with reading all the logs is somewhere around 3-6 hours depending on how fast you read. I strongly suggest this to anyone with a heart and a desire to unravel a disdained love story across time and space.