Sci-fi meets East Asian court fiction in this interactive novella

User Rating: 8 | Analogue: A Hate Story PC
This game is a worthwhile diversion for someone looking for a change of pace. The content can be disturbing in places, and really is only appropriate for mature audiences. Game play consists of brief bouts of command line interface, reading the text, and interactions with the ship's AI. The demo includes 20% of the whole, so you'll certainly know by the end of it whether this game is for you.

I enjoyed this one as both a veteran of old school adventure games and as a student of East Asian literature. It might have been nice to have seen the story branch out some more and to have gotten the perspective of a couple more AI's, but as-is, it is completable in one sitting. There are multiple endings available as well as some extras to be unlocked if you're really looking for an excuse to play through the game more than once. I really felt satisfied playing through it once and leaving it at that.

Readers of the Tale of Genji will recognize many of the story elements, although the credits described them as based on a period of Korean history I was not familiar with. It's much more so court fiction with sci-fi elements than the other way around. In any case, it's a fresh take on the material presented in a style we don't often experience in the West, but not something that is going to resonate with a wide audience here. Overall, it's an engaging offering for a niche market.