Great game to just chill out and play, either by yourself or with your friends.

User Rating: 8.7 | Amped 2 XBOX
Amped 2 is fun. I could just write that about 50 times and you'd probably get the point, but I won't. While I'll admit that it's not for everyone (it's a pretty laid-back game), Amped 2 easily ranks amongst my favourite games for the x-box. It is far better than its predecessor, and Amped was a good game. The career-mode mode is very enjoyable, and I often find myself starting up a new border when I'm bored and just want to mess around. However, what I really like about this game is the multiplayer. When my friends and I play, the game is almost like background music, we just talk normally, aside from the occasional, "Did you see that?!?". There is very little competition involved, which can be nice. I never really got into the x-box live component of the game. While it was fun to play online, I found it difficult to find a match sometimes. The only bad thing I can really say about this game is that audio isn't very good, at least in my opinion. The soundtrack contained a few songs that I liked, but for the most part, the music wasn't all that great. I would note right now that I'm into mainstream rock (Foo Fighters, Red Hots, etc.), so if you aren't, disregard all of this. Thankfully, you can put songs from a cd onto your x-box hard drive and include them in a playlist. Very nice. So if you like other games in the genre (i have played many of them, Amped 2 is the best I've seen so far), or just want to try something different and fun, I suggest you give Amped 2 a try.