The game for snowboarders that have nothing to do during the summer. Best snowboarding game ever...

User Rating: 7 | Amped 2 XBOX
Not too much to say. You ride around trying to get points by landing really nice tricks, unlock photo-shoots, shred offs, sponsor runs... Eventually you try to become the best snowboarder in the world.

Pull ridiculous tricks and play with your friends. Master the "style" to get the most points. Graphics=good , most realistic snowboarding game also! The point award system is a little whack but its better than ssx's. The pro's catch phrases make you want to kill yourself but they pick really interesting lines for you to follow.

No story but tonnes of bonus vids with pros in them, and lots of tricks to do. Fun in general... does, however, get old.

Definitely better than amped 1. Try it, you might be surprised.