There sure is fun to be had here.

User Rating: 7.5 | Amped 2 XBOX
Well to start, the game is about snowboarding, and it does a pretty good job at what it was meant to do. When you are playing the game it does not look astounding, but the graphics definitely get the job done.

The gameplay is fun and addictive, there is a very slight rpg aspect to the game where you get to tune what kind of stuff your person is good at, like flips, ollies, boarding in switch, and so on. There are little challenges that are hidden throughout the level that will keep you boarding the same mountain over and over again trying to find and complete these challenges.

The animations are pretty good. When you are in the air, it looks like you are in the air and that there is still gravity, so therefore you are coming back towards the ground eventually. When you are in the air there are a lot of different tricks that you can do. You can of course do flips and spins, but there are a lot of grabs that you can do. Also progressing through the game will reward you in other tricks and things being learned.

The environments look pretty well detailed and there are quite a few of them in the game. There are a few different slopes on each of the mountains.

Some of the different challenges that you will have to conquer throughout this game are sponsors, which you have to do the kind of tricks that they like, and you have to do those tricks well. Photoshoots are another one that you have to do, pretty much these consist of jumping through rings that are in the photographer's view and getting a certain amount of points before you land on the ground. Than of course there are just free boarding down the mountain and trying to hit as many jumps and get as many points as possible before the end of the slope. There are also a lot of others, but i dont really feel like mentioning all of them.

All in all this game is fun, but it is not by any means great. If you have some extra time and some extra money than you can go out and buy this game, it can distract you for a while.