Snowboarding may be a cold sport, but this game is burning up with awesome gameplay and good graphics. Play this game!

User Rating: 9 | Amped 2 XBOX
With recent downfalls of Snowboarding games theres only two choices to choose from. Theres SSX (which is absolutly amazing) and of course Amped and Amped 2. But this review is about the Amped i play.....Amped 2 and this game is just great and should not be passed up if you own a XBOX. This game has great snowboarding and the 2 player races can get heated and you' will be remacthing for hours and hours. If you didnt like Sean White Snowboarding or Amped 3 check this game out becuase its waaaay better, and the funny part is that its older and the graphics arnt as good. This game is wonderful.

The gameplay is smooth and makes the bulky big control easy to handle and it feels smooth. The buttons are simple and the controls are easy to learn. Soon you'll be pulling flipside 360's and doing tail slides on rails. The graphics are great and should be seen by everyone. For an XBOX game the graphics are great and the sound and reaction is great as well. The customazation of your chracaters is good and you'll like the freedom you have to make a chracter of your own.

The story is good and you should play it for sure.

All in all this game is great and in a gaming world were good snowboarding games are scare Amped 2 is here! Waiting to be popped into your disk drive.