Last week, Microsoft launched its Game Room virtual arcade on Xbox Live and PCs with a catalog of 31 games. The company has said it has 1,000 vintage titles in the pipeline for Game Room, but it will be a few weeks before Microsoft opens the spigot.

Yar's Revenge should be able to tide anyone over until new games arrive.

A member of Microsoft's gaming product team has posted on the Xbox forums that the company won't be releasing new Game Room titles until late April. However, once Microsoft begins adding new games to the service, the representative said it will bring "new" retro selections to the Game Room on a weekly basis.

Microsoft has not revealed which games will be introduced to the Game Room once it begins adding to the catalog, but it is accepting requests. Gamers who want to ask for a specific title can weigh in on the "official" requests thread, while another thread has been designated for more general Game Room suggestions.

Game Room titles can be purchased for play on both the Xbox 360 and PC for MSP 400 ($5) or for an individual platform at MSP 240 ($3) apiece. Single rounds of any individual game can be played for MSP 40 ($.50). The Game Room also supports Xbox Live Avatars, as well as voice chat, 1080p graphics, cross-platform leaderboards, and achievements.