If you've ever wondered exactly how much money you've spent on Steam, Valve's got your back. The company recently launched a new tool to its game-distribution platform that lets players get an exact number on how much cash they've dropped.

This new feature should prove especially enlightening for players who primarily spend their time on free-to-play games. Now you'll be able to see exactly how much money you've spent on loot boxes, expansion packs, and DLC characters.

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While on Steam, head to the new External Funds Used tool, log into your account, and then scroll to the "Total Spend" row. There's your number.

For those who are willing to share, do you think you've got the highest number? Is your total amount higher or lower than you were expecting? Leave your answers in the comment section down below.

If you're looking to up your number, Steam just launched its Summer Sale. There are plenty of excellent deals, including video games about your favorite Crunchyroll anime. The sale doesn't just cover software either. Both the Steam controller and Steam Link are on sale too.