The superheroes of the DC Universe will collide with the iconic characters from Watchmen this November in a 12-issue miniseries called Doomsday Clock. DC Comics has now revealed three covers for the upcoming book, featuring the art of Gary Frank.

The first and second cover--shown above--feature art by Gary Grank, while the third cover uses existing art by Dave Gibbons, the original artist on the 1986 Watchmen book. This miniseries will hit store shelves on November 22.

DC Comics has been extremely tight-lipped about the story, but writer Geoff Johns said during Comic Con, "You'll know in the first page of the first issue. [Y]ou'll know exactly what the story's about." The book will involve the heroes of the DCU finding out that Dr. Manhattan has been meddling with their timeline and lives, hence the New 52 and Rebirth lines from the past few years, which reset or merged the entire comic line. At least, that's what fans can piece together from the clues left in other series over the past year.

What makes this event such a big deal is that Watchmen's characters have not appeared in main continuity. There have been a couple instances where a Watchmen comic appears in the DCU, but these characters have never interacted with each other, which is pretty crazy considering that Watchmen is one of DC's most iconic books.

This isn't DC's only major story in 2017. Currently, Batman and the Justice League are in the midst of Metal, a story about creatures from a dark universe rising up and creating havok all over the world. Writer Scott Snyder says the book is influenced by Mortal Kombat.

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