Square Enix could be hinting at a new Parasite Eve project, as it has filed a new trademark in Japan.

Spotted by Gematsu, Square Enix trademarked the name "Symbiogenesis," which is the process where two separate organisms merge to form a single new one. This process is the foundation for Parasite Eve's story.

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It's currently unknown whether a new Parasite Eve game from Square Enix would be a brand-new entry or just a port of older titles. It's also possible that Square Enix won't be doing anything with the Parasite Eve franchise either.

However, Square Enix has been revisiting some of its older franchises recently. The Valkyrie Profile series received the new Valkyrie Elysium back in September and Tactics Ogre is getting a remaster next month as Tactics Ogre Reborn.

Parasite Eve is based on the 1995 Japanese horror novel by Hideaki Sena and was adapted into the Parasite Eve video game in 1998 for the original PlayStation. Parasite Eve II followed shortly after in 1999, and The 3rd Birthday was released for the PlayStation Portable in 2010.