PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds may be heading to PlayStation 4. A listing on a foreign ratings board site suggests that the battle royale game may be heading to the Sony platform, which would mean the end of Xbox One console exclusivity.

The listing on the South Korean ratings board Game Rating and Administration Committee clearly notes PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds next to "PS4." That would be a big change, given that it was touted as an Xbox One console exclusive. In fact, it just came out of early access on the console last month, after building up a sizeable audience.

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Bluehole has commented before about its plans to eventually launch on every platform, which at the time seemed to imply PS4 as the natural next destination. Microsoft had been open that it was a timed exclusive, but the details on just how long that exclusivity period would last have been unclear. The game debuted on Xbox One last December, so a pending PlayStation 4 launch could mark a year of exclusivity.

Alongside the game coming out of early access, Xbox Australia marked the occasion with a special grease-proof Xbox One controller. Bluehole has continued to support the game since launch with regular patches, including a recent one that included performance enhancements and several new cosmetic items.