The Westworld park is a bit of a mess in the HBO show right now, but starting this week you can prove that you could do better. A Westworld mobile game will be coming on Thursday, June 21, putting the park's controls and legion of murderous robots at your fingertips.

In Westworld Mobile, you play as a new Delos employee and manage the park, which mostly means seeing to its A.I. hosts. You'll be interacting with characters like Delores and Maeve, as well as other employees like Bernard. You can even match hosts with guests to let them explore their fantasies. In the context of the show, though, this is a pretty morally gray thing to do.

Westworld - Season 2 Trailer

All of this is delivered with an art style that is disarmingly cute. Pre-registering through the official site will earn you some perks as soon as you begin, like access to Lawrence, a pack of coins and gems, a Basic Host Code pack, and a crafting pack.

While the park may hum with efficiency under your control, the version on the show has seen better days--both in terms of the fictional chaos, and the show's dodgy second season.