Nintendo has made sure that the Switch dock is seen as a fundamental part of the console--in most pictures, the Switch is seen paired with its TV dock. However, as third-party peripheral manufacturer Nyko has shown, the dock does not need to be nearly as bulky as the official Nintendo one.

Nyko has announced an ultra-portable, stripped-down dock for the Switch, and, if the pictures are to be believed, it can fit in your pocket. It's a lot smaller than the official dock, but according to a report from Ars Technica, it still holds the console securely.

In addition, since you place the console on top of this dock, instead of inside it, you won't have to worry that it'll scratch your Switch's screen. Earlier this year, some users were reporting that the official dock was scratching their Switch. Nyko's dock solves this problem.

It has one downside compared to the bigger dock. It requires a bit more concentration to use; you won't be able to slide the console directly and easily into it like you can with the official version. However, it'll feature everything else that you'd need in a dock, including at least two USB ports. It'll also ship with both USB-C and HDMI cables.

The Portable Docking Kit, as it's called by Nyko, launches in September. Currently, the company estimates the price at $45, although it told Ars Technica that it might drop to $40. An extra Nintendo dock costs $90.