It looks like some kind of new content is coming to Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer mode. Developer Rockstar Games today published a cryptic tweet that lists off four electronic music artists: Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon, and The Black Madonna.

Right off the bat, this looks like a reference to new music coming to GTA Online, either in an existing radio station or potentially a new one. Back in December 2017, Rockstar added a Frank Ocean radio station, so there is precedent for new music coming to GTA Online.

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Trap Door Battle Royale Mode Gameplay

Another rumour is that Rockstar is planning a "Nightclub" update for GTA Online that would allow you to own and operate a nightclub to bring in extra money. This is an unsubstantiated rumour for now, tracing back apparently to Twitter user Yan2295.

It would be no surprise at all to see Rockstar add even more content to GTA Online, as the developer has released substantial updates for the game on a regular basis. That's part of the reason why the game has been so enduringly successful.

During a recent earnings call, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said Rockstar has "much more" content to bring to GTA Online in the future. While GTA Online continues to make lots and lots of money from microtransactions, Zelnick added that Take-Two believes the game's performance will "moderate" this year. This is no big surprise, as Rockstar's new game, Red Dead Redemption 2, launches in October and it is expected to drive a lot of interest.

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