Blizzard has kicked off its latest cross-promotional event for StarCraft's 20th anniversary, this time in Hearthstone. The digital CCG is offering three packs for winning a match in this week's Tavern Brawl, which carries a distinct StarCraft flavor.

The "Portals to Another Dimension" Brawl assembles a 10-card deck from your chosen class, then fills your deck with 20 more cards from one of three categories: Tech, Swarm, and Mind. Those portals cost one mana and summon a discount minion or spell that fits into one of those categories. Tech is filled with mechs and explosions, Swarm has toxic creatures, and Mind packs psychic powers. Each is meant to correspond to one of the classic StarCraft factions.

Hearthstone - Announcing The Witchwood

Your prize for winning a match is three Kobolds & Catacombs packs. Tavern Brawls regularly give out card packs every week, but usually it's just one Classic pack. Tavern Brawls are limited-time events, though, so make sure you win a match by March 25 to claim your reward.

We're nearing the end of StarCraft's 20th anniversary events. StarCraft 2 and Remastered received special skins and anniversary portraits. Overwatch got a Kerrigan skin for Widowmaker, Diablo 3 got a Battlecruiser pet, and now Hearthstone has its own crossover event. Remaining events include Heroes of the Storm anniversary portraits starting on March 27, and World of Warcraft pets on March 31. Blizzard also plans to mark the occasion with a special anniversary stream on March 30 and a mini-documentary on March 31.

Hearthstone is preparing to kick off its next expansion, The Witchwood, in April. That will mark the first expansion rolling over into the Year of the Raven, which also means older expansions and some select cards will be rotated out of Standard play. We took a closer look at the revealed cards so far. Blizzard will be hosting a stream next Monday, March 26, at 11 AM PT, to reveal more cards and likely announce release plans.