Coca-Cola has unveiled its latest flavor in its line of Creations soft drinks, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte. Described as having a "pixel" flavor, you'll have to wait until May 2 before you can find out if tastes berry good or not when it's made available in very limited quantities on the Coca-Cola Creations site.

We're not making this all up, we promise.

If your imagination is up to the task though, you can grab a can of the digital liquid in a Fortnite Creative experience called Pixel Point. The island was created in Fortnite by Coca-Cola in collaboration with lifestyle and gaming organization PWR, but it's not officially endorsed by Fortnite developer Epic Games. According to PWR, you'll be able to visit an island in the metaverse and take part in four "sensory inspired multiplayer mini-games" named The Castle, The Escape, The Race, and The Tower.

In The Castle mini-game, you'll have to work with your teammates to take down the opposing team's pixel-stacked structure, The Escape game features a race to the top of a giant Coke bottle before a beam of Byte-light catches up to you, and The Tower has Byte-themed puzzles play out through various platforming levels. Finally, The Race lets you dive into a portal of Byte so that you can race through Coke can-inspired cylindrical tubes to collect pixelated bubbles.

Alternatively, you can grab a virtual can in Fortnite Creative, by entering the code 8565-0287-3178 inside the game. Coca-Cola will also have an augmented reality game that features its own virtual leaderboard.

Elsewhere in Fortnite, the game has made its new Zero Build mode a permanent fixture, while efforts to support humanitarian aid in Ukraine has seen $144 million raised so far by Epic Games and Microsoft.