Funko Pops may be the Beanie Babies of modern nerd culture, but unlike their floppy plush ancestors, their bubble seems unpoppable--and it's only getting bigger. The Mandalorian, the first Star Wars TV show on Disney+, rocked the world with the introduction of "The Child," better known as Baby Yoda. Though there were some rough starts with merchandising the little bugger at first, things have since been smoothed out, and the Baby Yoda merch boom is well underway--including a pre-order for the upcoming Baby Yoda Funko Pop, which has somehow become the best selling Funko Pop vinyl of all time despite not being released yet.

This news came care of Funko Art Director Reis O'Brien who took to Twitter with a video.

Baby Yoda's Best Moments In The Mandalorian

"It's bananas," O'Brien said. We agree. He also confirmed that Funko has not been privy to any Mandalorian spoilers, despite being in charge of designing these addictive collectibles, which means the turn-around for the Baby Yoda design had to have been a tight one.

Notably, O'Brien didn't confirm just how many Baby Yoda units had been pre-ordered, but given the popularity of Funkos in just about very niche of pop culture, we have to assume it's a pretty huge number.

Baby Yoda will hit shelves in Funko Pop form in May alongside other Star Wars toys, like an Imperial Troop Transport.

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