Terrifying and beautiful at the same time.

User Rating: 9.5 | Amnesia: The Dark Descent PC
It is rare to find a real horror game in today's gutless society.
Amnesia is the epitamy of fear. It takes your breathe away and refuses to loosen its grasp on your sanity. For those with weak hearts, perhaps not the best choice, unless you feel like you need to be challenged. The audience for this game was tired of the classic horror games and demanded a true master piece, something not easily found in todays "horror" genre. And the strangest thing of all: the game isn't as difficult to develop as many of the huge games which often do not satisfy tried and true horror gamers.
This game is a remarkable addition to the video game industry and proves that true horror games are not yet dead.
They are, in every sense, underappreciated. Amnesia is a beautiful game in every sense. The enviroment, although swaying between the dark underbelly of an old castle and the soft, pleasing architecture, is well-balanced and stunning to say the least, but the real captivator isn't what you see, it's what you hear. With minimal musical scores, the game leaves you in suspense with the eerie creaks of stone and wood.
Although Amnesia is well-balanced, beautifully frightening and perhaps one of the best true horror games in existance, alas it is underappreciate and under played.