I can sit through any horror movie you can throw at me and fall asleep. I squeal like a little girl while playing this.

User Rating: 10 | Amnesia: The Dark Descent PC
This game is absolutely terrifying! I don't consider myself easily scared at all. The only other game that actually scared me was silent hill 2..and that was ages ago. I still haven't found a horror movie that's scared me. I remember reading when silent hill 2 was being made they did a lot of research in to what human beings are afraid of. They found what scares us the most is knowing something is there, being able to hear it, but not being able to see it. So they implemented fog and darkness with a tiny bit of light (flashlight) and it made for a pretty scary game. Now with amnesia...these guys really did their homework. The mechanics used in this game to scare us is absolutely GENIUS. We are scared of what we can't see. The game is very dark and you are provided with a small lantern. When you are in darkness for too long you start to lose sanity which affects your mobility and image gets distorted. When you have low sanity it also attracts monsters to you. Being near light heals your sanity but also attracts monsters. If you look at a monster it drains your sanity, so you are forced to look away from the scary ass thing trying to kill you, which makes it that much more terrifying to us..because we are scared of what we know is there, and we can hear, but can't see. They have laid it all out here so you never feel safe. Amnesia is the perfectly crafted horror game. So nice to see such an amazing horror game after the genre has been going downhill for so long. These guys went back to survival horror's roots and did what the genre was intended to do. Scare the living sh** out of you.