Amazing Story Excellent Sound Track Great Voice Acting More Polished Experience

User Rating: 8.5 | Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs PC
Story : Set in 1899 in London on New Year's Eve, (60 years after The Dark Descent), the game follows Oswald Mandus, a wealthy industrialist, who has recently returned from a "disastrous" expedition to Mexico, where tragedy struck. Hit by fever, Mandus has frequent dreams about a dark machine until he regains consciousness. Little does he know that months have passed, and upon awakening, he hears his children calling for him to find them. As you progress you find more about your past and what happened to your children . As monsters weren't enough , you face saboteur throughout the game who always tries to stop you from progressing . This is easily one of the best concepts and stories I've experienced in any game in recent years .

Design : Game artwork is great and fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the game and visuals . You'll be exploring alleys , rooms , halls , sewers and so on . There is variety everywhere when it comes to locations . On other hand the game itself felt less scarier than The Dark Decent , however other aspects of the game are hugely improved . There is not much enemy variety types but the way you face them in different situations , varies . Game puzzles are easy to solve and sometimes you'll end up solving them before even realizing that but it seems that they implemented them for distractions .

Gameplay : Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is a survival horror game involving stealth elements and psychological scares. There are a few jump scares but the game, like others in its class, depend more on the atmosphere, music and pacing. The monster AI and gameplay mechanics in this game differ from that of The Dark Descent.

Unlike The Dark Descent, players no longer have sanity , therefore unaffected by levels of light and witnessing disturbing events . Inventory system and Health is gone , you won't find yourself finding oil for you Lantern or other similar items. Much like The Dark Decent , you'll be reading lot of notes that fit within main main story line somehow . On other hand your Lantern now have secondary feature this time around and whenever enemy is close by , it'll start to blink along with other light sources in the room (if there are any) .

Presentation : Amnesia AMFP uses same engine as The Dark Decent but it seems that developers have updated it , since the game looks much better . The game is also optimized very well and runs fine on wide range of machines without any problem . The Music in the game is among some of the best , sound effects are super solid and voice acting is equally impressive . Atmosphere in the game is incredibly strong and the way how game tells the story and great dialogues will make you care about main character . You won't forget any of these elements anytime soon .

Verdict :
+Sound Effects
+Voice Acting
+Strong Atmosphere
+Great Dialogues
+Less Backtracking than first game

-No inventory system
-Bit short
-Less Scary
-Little bit less responsive controls than first game