A great story.

User Rating: 8.5 | Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs PC
Amnesia-The dark Descent was one of my favourite horror games. It had everything, horror sounds, thrilling music and scary atmosphere. The second iteration had all the same. The story is a great one, it has some philosophical meaning and you have to follow up closely the game to see what it really means to say. The graphics is great, the music is pertinent and the scary sounds linger on you for a long time. There are some puzzles, easy one in fact and the thing that annoyed me and I noticed other gamers are annoyed too were the pigmen. They are too shallow, they are not deadly and you don't 'properly" die. This fact gives the impression the gamer is way too easy. In the first game, if caught, you'd die instantly. In this one you don't. I won't tell you much of the story; this is a thing one has to discover.
Overall this is a game that sticks with you for a while, but that's it. It's not better than Amnesia-The Dark Descent.