If you take all the game mechanics then why bother making a game?! inventory, loot, combine, creative puzzles GONE!

User Rating: 6 | Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs PC
I've been a big fan of Penumbra and the previous Amnesia game. I was expecting a lot gameplay that I enjoyed in the previous game, so I'd like to tell you guys what is missing which made me disappointed in this game.

Having to do stuff like having to get a wood plank an combine it with a knife to make a sharp object then piercing a dead body to get some blood from it, then having to use it to create something nasty. You can't do this anymore in the new Amnesia!

I loved solving puzzles while hiding from monsters, not looking at them to keep my sanity. Having to hide in closets and peak out of it to see the beast, who just tear the door down, still there. Guess what guys, we can't do this anymore in this game!

I also enjoyed looking for tender boxes behind a pile of boxes and books to light the pathway in order to maintain my sanity. Having to fuel my lantern every now and then. They just took it all out of the game!

I can't believe how those people removed the core elements of this game to make it more accessible to the public.

Don't get me wrong
I'm just so angry about how this game turned to be, still, this doesn't mean this game is crap. The story is pretty well narrated and the horror, the moody atmosphere, the sounds and the level design, is actually pretty good.

Amnesia Machine for pigs isn't as good as it's predecessors but it is still a legit horror game and worth the price.