If you are expecting another amnesia you are going to be a little bit disappointed.

User Rating: 8 | Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs PC
A machine for pigs is not a bad game really, it's just that is not as good as amnesia or other games frictional games made in the past like penumbra.

The game was really simplified, they took away the sanity system, the items, the health regens and the lantern never runs out of fuel..(anyone remembers penumbra requiem?)

And is more linear than ever, you can't pick up most of the items on the scenario or open doors, drawers etc everything is locked.

The puzzles are very very easy to solve, again they simplified the game almost completely.

The story is very good and the music is awesome and goes perfect with the game, it haves some really scary moments but...it's not enough to make it an amazing game, is like you feel that is not a game made by frictional and it really was developed by The Chinese Room and you can notice.

I'm disappointed not because the game is bad but because it is just not on par with it predecessor.