Will you be able to save in this one..?

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Im sure we all know about Amnesia's previous dlc, Justine. About 2 hours of play time through all of which you were unable to save. It may sound crazy, but some of us arent able to sit down and play a video game for 2 hours straight... Is this an independant installment or another fail attempt at an expansion?

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Of course you'll be able to save in the main campaign
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justine takes like a half an hour and you should be thankful that they even gave us that bonus little easter egg download content.. if you cant play a game for a half hour straight than you should delete your gamespot account. It adds to the suspense because you know that if you die you die for good.. And to be honest there is only one moment where your life is threatened in any way and if you die at that part twice in a row you shouldnt be gaming to begin with. And amnesia the dark descent very well offered the ability to save your game, i have a log file with over 100 autosaves. So dont try and discredit a great game with your negative attitude and make people think like they won't be able to save their progress in the next title