Very good tactical shooter for those who are looking for realism and don't mind the lack of eye-candy.

User Rating: 8.5 | America's Army PC
The gameplay is solid and has some very nice details that add realism into it. The aiming system is great, you can shoot like in most shooters, with the help of "the red dot" if you like, but to hit something from a longer distance, you need to bring you sights up by keeping the r.mouse button pressed. And just like in real life, running around and jumping makes your hands shake, as does getting shot at, even if the bullets don't hit you directly. So the best way to get kills is to wait in cover for your hands to stop shaking, and then make a short accurate bursts at the enemy.

The healt system is nice, when you get hit, you don't necessarily die instantly, you start bleeding, and unless there's a medic to stop the bleeding, you might even bleed to death, but little bleeding doesn't stop you from being "Rambo" and taking few of your enemies with you. You won't gain your "healt" back even if medic heals you, they can ONLY stop the bleeding. Being wounded also affects your aiming and movement speed.

This game is not very "noob friendly", the difficulty is high, and you will die often in the beginning. But if you're patient you will learn the tricks and start getting more kills than deaths.

AA has honor system which will track your kills, you will gain "levels" for killing enemies and completing objectives. You will only loose honor if you kill your own teammates. Each player starts with honor 10 and starts working up from there.

The graphics are a bit outdated, but the good thing about it is that you can run the game even on a bit older machine. And the graphical quality is nothing that would prevent you from enjoying this game, unless you're a class A eye-candy whore, then this game is not for you.

Sounds are excellent, they actually help you while playing, with a good headset you can hear the enemy coming from behind you, or grenade falling next to you. Guns sound, look and behave realistic in all ways.

AA is a team based game, with a good team the game is at its best, but playing with unexperienced or impatient players against a clan can be frustrating. Finding a good server to play on is the most important thing in AA. Some servers have too much lag, others too few players or are just playing with rules that don't satisfy you. These days most servers seem to be using SF mods, meaning everybody has 203(grenade launcher), and a scope attached to their M4s, this changes the game experience completely, some like it more than others. On some maps it just doesn't work that well.

Problems while playing AA are mostly caused by other players, they might camp, use dropshots, cheat ect. But those people are around in all online games. AA itself is very stable at this stage, the latest version has never crashed on me, neither have I been kicked out of servers for false PB alerts or anything like that.

The download is fast, free, and the file is relatively small, so it's definately worth trying out. And don't give up after 5mins of playing just because you get frustrated in the training missions. They can be annoying at times, but in the end they are quite quick to pass, tho I do wish they would had added "skip BS" button in the start of those training missions.