Great experience, dying can get on your nerves, though.

User Rating: 6.5 | America's Army PC
I've been playing this game for some 1 year now, and I can say that it's fun and addictive, especially when all the players are on one side versus bots. One bad thing about this game though is that it's really hard to set up. If you've downloaded the game earlier, then deleted it, then downloaded the game again, there seems to be an error with Punkbuster™. Another bad thing is that when you die, you must wait for the end of the round which is around 5-10 minutes in length. So if a teammate accidentally kills you in the beginning of the round, all you can do is wait another 8-10 minutes. They should have a better respawn rate, that's all. Training was one of the best parts of the game. Just like a real soldier, you must go into training before you can go to war. That being said, it could take a day or so to complete the training and you cannot play online until you have completed the training. But yet, the training could provide useful, you could learn to parachute IN A GAME! Now that was one of the features that caught my attention, although you cannot parachute in multiplayer mode. But round-after-round can make you tired of this game and you simply delete the game off of your computer. It's like any normal FPS game where you walk around, shooting everyone you see, and the last team up wins. It's REALLY annoying because of the respawn rate. It's less like war, more like hiding in little crawl spaces and waiting for your prey to come, then once they come you've got to attack them at the right time to kill them. Still, you should try this game out at their official website. Just type the games name out on google. It's 100% free to play. Enjoy!