If you want to join the military - GET THIS GAME. It is the most realistic representation you will ever find for FREE!!

User Rating: 9.5 | America's Army PC
I was in the military for four years and I have to admit – THIS IS A PRETTY REALISTIC GAME. A little TOO realistic. It brought back a lot of memories going through the "basic training" part of the game.

I am not going to get into the "how to" because you can get that from other reviews or the cover review. I am going to say that if you want to join the military this is the PERFECT game to play to get some sense of what to expect.

I like this game because:
1) It is ULTRA-REALISTIC (I can't emphasize the realism enough)
2) The graphics are OUTSTANDING
3) It is FREE
4) You can get this game from any recruiting station or download it for free
5) It is constantly being updated through patches.

I DON'T like this game because:
1) Unlike any other shoot-em up game, you HAVE to pass basic training in order to play the actual game.
2) It is obvious that the military is using this game as a recruitment tool – guess I can't blame them.
3) Even though it is realistic, the emotional trauma in soldiers in a war zone is left out. In this game, when you are tired of it you can just turn the computer off and do something else. In real war, that is not possible.
4) This game just shows "how" - not "why"

This game has over 8 and a half million registered users making this one of the most played first person shoot-em up games in history.