Out-dated technology, lacking communication and wicked controls limits the game, but I must say it still has good value.

User Rating: 6 | America's Army PC
Americas Army, a free game developed by the U.S. Army, so, does it have any touch of propaganda? Quite a significant lot, and I don't know what they were supposed to win by launching it. Would recruitment increase? Perhaps, but just as well more leaving when they realise Army Training isn't just climping ropes and shooting guns.

Anyways - for the game itself. This is to be considered somewhat a simulator due to many things; the realism in the actions itself, even if the visuals and sounds ain't too realistic, for example weapons will jam at times, slow-paced action, groups, etc. But is that for any good? Well... if you like slow rounds and having the risk to wait for 9 minutes if you die early in the game playing with anymous morons not finding a spot on the map while beeing unable to communicate in any way, then go for it. I've been playing the game for about three years - not in an active manner, but from time to time.

The game is updated a few times a year including a few new maps and potentially some new basic technology or sound. But as the core technology within the game went stone-age about two years ago the *awesome* U.S. Army should spend more time into rebuilding the game rather than doing worthless updates or doing ports with Ubisoft nobody will ever buy. There's not even basic VoIP support which makes communication impossible as the built-in in-game audio commands are hard to manuover and is just really unaccurate and bad as nobody will ever listen or respond to you any way.

And another terrific thing to include is the PunkBuster... Wow, from time to time PunkBuster needs to reload/update which will take about 3-7 minutes before you're able to play while the PunkBuster doesn't really do anything. For a anti-cheat service PunkBuster is one of the most hated due to its poor functionality.

All and all, the game has terrific value, 'cause it's free. More than that it is very up to you if you're going to like it or not. If you're used to play fast games in the era, such as Battlefield 2, you'll start screaming only after a few minutes as everything is extremely strict and slow just as the movement(American soldiers seems to run real slow). Give it a try, it works for shorter periods of gameplay if you're playing online with anymous people but will work alot better when playing localy with people you know - which is a great con for this game, it's very accessable as it is free and easy to download, yet quite massive in size, but most computers and even solid laptops will be able to play this game in a solid way with shaders turned down.