The game Americ's Army. The game that made to hire more people to America's Army.

User Rating: 8.5 | America's Army PC
America's Army is a nice game.
He got nice things from all, there are a lot of people in this game, the game has no people that scam other people.
there are no people that yelling and crusting anyone.

Ok now the graphic
The graphic is really nice but not such good.
There is a place to improve it but when i first ran the game i was surprised to see that the graphic is like that because the graphic is looking great for the time that the game was realised.

The sound is very nice
The sound of the guns and all the things is not so surprising but its also very good so its almost perfect for me and I really like it.

The game play is very nice but its also very hard, the sniper is finding place and its realy hard to find him but its realy exciting and fun to kill someone and play this game.

The game has also trainings missions you will have to pass on first.
The missions aren't so hard, there also missions to do to get other maps and to be on boarding special forces and more things like it.

Finally the game is very nice but its really hard to kill someone and if you die on the 1-5 first minutes of the game so it will be really boring because it will take a lot of time until all the team will be dead.

I give this game 8.5 because he need an improve.