A intense game but needs abit more work to it

User Rating: 7.5 | America's Army PC
What the game focus's on is the realism of it all but it really fails at that but its real enough not to dance around out in the open. The weapons in Americas Army are preety great you will have the realistic outcomes of it like jams long reload time and a single/burst fire. But if you have recently played games like CS and BF it might take you awhile to get us to. One thing im preety annoyed is the way the many players of Americas Army dont appciate new commers and team kills and so on. They can get prety mad but when you are a fully expirenced player of AA you will be respected and mabye even join a clan. There is not much game types in AA but theres alot of maps that are preety addictive and chalenging. In a map you will have lots of options to do like guard this bridge hay il follow this guy or even go in the middle of a base and go rambo. The teamwork in the game is surprisingly good as you and others in the game must understand that the only way to win is to work together. adding to the team work you can get healed by a medic if u call for him after running into cover only with a few shots to the legs and you can even swap weapons with players and give out orders if you are commander. For most missions you may need to do the training for it first.its even realistic in training. like the medic training for example. you will have to listen to this teacher for 10 minutes about what to do in this situation. Then you will have a sheet on your desk which is the test. So you will have to listen!! One of the other bad things about the game as you may of already heared of is that the game is advertisement from the American Army it self to encourage others to join up! So Americas Army comes out to be a good multiplayer FPS but it doesnt quite capture the taste of the real fighting going on today.