Pretty good mmofps.

User Rating: 8 | America's Army PC
Americas army is an mmofps made by the US Army. Its a good game with tons of content. It took me about 45 minutes to download. So, once you get goin, you have to go through training to play multiplayer. Thers about 15 training missions you can do from airbourne to medics. Then once you finish, you can play multiplayer. Modes vary from amp to map. Theres also a few co-op maps.

Good: The graphics are pretty good and so are weapons. Theres about 50 maps to choose from. Theres so many player and servers to play on/with. The game has so much content form like i said with maps and training. Training adds a fun touch to the game. Its a good way to get started.

Bad: The only real bad thing i think is that its hard for beginners. I found it difficult to find matches that would let me play. You cna die quite often and fast in this game if you dont work as a team. Another thing is if you die during the misson, you have to wait till its over to spawn. You can easy get bored waiting to play again if you die fast.

Overall I think Americas Army is a good game to download. Its got a good amount of content, fun, and its free. I strongly recommend downloading this game.