Great game set aside all of the aggravating issues it has.

User Rating: 6.5 | America's Army PC
The good: Put's you into the boots of a fresh Army cadet.

The Bad: No respawn's, player honor's.

The is a great game but it has a lot of aggravating issues, first off you can't respawn, you die once and you have to wait eternity to get back in to play, I died once and I waited for like 15 minuets to get back in to play, that's not fun at all. Then there are the cursed player honor's, the player honor's prevent you from playing the game because these player honor's are points you have to have enough to play each level the problem is I'm at a 9 and I can't play on any servers what so ever, and there is no way to gain player honor's if your to low. This game is definitely up there with Combat Arms, America's Army has greater qualities and worse qualities, the worse qualities are the no respawns and player honors, the greater qualities is that this game has 5 times as much maps than Combat Arms and you can keep the weapons you buy but how do you buy weapons in America's Army. The server rooms and interfaces are outdated and crude but efficient. Sense when does the U.S Army develop games? They did a great job for there first game. -1.0 No respawns, -2.5 player honors.