A VERY realistic army simulator! Kids need not apply!

User Rating: 9.5 | America's Army PC
AA has been around forever and like any game by the government the quality is lacking a little. But you can't complaining about a free game! This game has one feature people hate....realism. Most people play it and complain like the game is bad when its actually them. Everything in the game is difficult because they really use it as a recruiting tool regardless of what they say.

The game like many games has you level up but in this game you get panelized for doing bad things like killing a friendly or even hurting them.... even if its as simple as throwing a nade at them....even if it bounces of them. This game is more of a simulator then a classic shooter. This game also relies heavily on teamplay. If you think of being a lone soldier good luck because people won't put up with it and you can be voted off. Everything requires teamwork. From being a medic, to what gun you choose, to what class soldier you choose, to even how you fire a shot!