Best free to play EVER.

User Rating: 9 | America's Army PC
I played this game right when it released in 2002, and I gotta tell ya when they dropped me onto that virtual firing line at Ft Benning I almost croaked! Reminded me a lot of some of the firing lines I had been to in the Army. Of course the drill sergeant talked a lot more sweet than any of mine ever did, but still had a good sense of military bearing. The game was great fun. It has the best military "feel" of any game in that it is all set in the "task, conditions and standards" format for ANY mission, which is the Army way of course. The fact that it is free to play, makes it the best free to play game EVER in my opinion. Evokes the Army high sense of competition, missions are organized and give in the operations order format. The graphics are pretty good. I give gameplay an 9.0. Graphics a 8.0 and they are of course not set too high to allow more machines to play it smoothly. I give audio an 8.5. And I give it a technology score of 8.5. It definitely a recommended game by me for any first person shooter addict. Good realism.