It may not be the most intense war game but it is definitly one of the most fun and addictive ones!

User Rating: 9 | America's Army PC
I dont know what to say about Americas Army. I cant argue about the price thats for sure, afterall it IS free. Amercas Army has lots of realistic and sometimes dull training, glitches, and may lack some intensity. So the question is, what makes it one of the best online war games on the computer? Simple, its gameplay and maps. The gameplay is superb but may need time getting use to. The maps are very interesting as well as the missions. Depending on your team and the people on AA, that is what determines what you think of AA. Most of the time, the teams and people are fair. Pros:Great settings and graphics,superb sound effects, missions and maps are interesting, realistic weapons and training, ranking system is pretty fair

Cons: -Some glitches, A little difficult in the beginning, If you have a crappy computer than your out of luck