Fun, If You Haven't Played Any Other Game!

User Rating: 7.5 | America's Army PC
I first played americas army about 2 years ago and i was in love with it. I played it all the time, getting my ranking up to a good 46 which is pretty good in the game. I was obsessed what can i say?

But Americas Army is a fun game. Which requires a lot of time if you dont want to be called a Noob. Haha

If you're new to the computer. And you dont own any other games. This is the game to play. But if you've played battlefield or Call Of Duty 2. Do not Buy this game. I repeat do not buy it. I mean get it for free online if you want. But do not buy it. All in all americas army is strictly multiplayer and is a great game to play when you dont have any other fps games. Have Fun With It.
I did...