Where's the soldiers in this game? Worst game of the day.

User Rating: 1 | America's Army: True Soldiers X360
When I played this, I didn't find anything here having to do with war, soldiers, or any real guns. The online is fine, even though noone even plays it, I don't blame them, this "campaign" was too amazing that they had to quit. No, I'm kidding, I shouldn't have on a topic of a game like this! The whole game is literally just army propoganda with the campaign literally being a training session. All there is in the game is a training session which is a campaign. I wanted to at least shoot a real dang gun, but instead, they gave me a paintball gun or something which made a small pop noise. You don't shoot other people, you shoot pieces of paper, and tanks. Tanks, at least, can hit your guy with HUGE balls of paint, which probably kills you. Either way, stay away from this game. Not worth the money, I tried not making any assumptions before playing the game, and I didn't...until I played the game. I played it for an hour and literally went back to the local gaming store and returned it for Dora The Explorer: Playstation 1 version. I literally did that. It's is terrible, I don't believe I spent 10 minutes typing this for a game as bad as this. Give it a try if you enjoy training for the army, or if you want a heads up before joining the army, but if you are just a gamer like me, do NOT buy this game. Not worth your time or the money.