The single player is fun but this wont make you forget about the PC version

User Rating: 8.3 | America's Army: Rise of a Soldier XBOX
America's Army is probably one of the best shooters on the PC. Not only is it fun and good looking it is also free which makes it a must download for any first person shooter fan with a PC. So really you are expecting a lot then from the console version that makes you pay for the same game, this game offers some of the stuff that you hoped for but sadly not all of it. One thing that was the best part about the PC game was the number and variety of maps that were available to play on. With classics like Pipeline and Insurgent Camp you would really expect for there to be some sort of Battlefield types bot-match which sadly enough that is missing from this game. That however does not mean that this game is not worthy playing or even for some people picking up to add to their very own collection. Graphics wise, this is a very good looking game. The graphics look the same as they did on the PC only a little bit better. I guess what I am really trying to say is that this game got the makeover that it needed but you can still tell that it is good old America's Army and really nothing has changed. You will go through the same training that you did before and other small things that you will recognize from the PC version. Now, you would not pay fifty bucks to just play multiplayer on your Xbox, and the guys over at Ubisoft (yes those guys made this game, does that surprise you?) know that, so they put in a single player game. They tried to make this as real as possible adding long levels filled with taking cover and moving slowly. I honestly think that they used their Brothers In Arms engine because really if you look at how they are presented they are pretty much the same game. So any ways, what you do is you work your way up through the military ranks in a make believe war, which is fun, but the long levels can be a little bit tedious as sometimes, and small bugs can become annoying at times. So yes after making games like Far Cry, Brothers in Arms, and all the Tom Clancy games I really expected Ubisoft to make a better single-player game. Overall this game has some great voiceovers and overall sounds. The bullets sound really good, and the voice-overs sound like they did on the PC, actually I think that they used the same person for the voices of the PC version. I guess the section on the sound is short and sweet just like the sounds of this game. This game controls great as well. They did a good job with the overall layout, and I really have no complaints. It of course doesn't beat the super simple layout of your keyboard, but the controller works just fine. The Overall Facts: Pros: + It's your favorite PC game on the Xbox + New single player campaign should make fans happy + This game sounds great + Solid controls + Of course there is online play as well Cons: - The single player lacks due to longevity of levels and minor bugs - I wanted bot battles Overall: America's Army Rise of a Soldier for the Xbox is the game that all America's Army fans need to check out, whether it be a rental (which I recommend) or an actual purchase. This game will be well worth your while for checking out the single player modes and the Xbox Live. This game is best a rental, but still a solid game with solid graphics, sound, and controls.