Some good peaceful Truck Delivery Game

User Rating: 8 | American Truck Simulator PC

I have played all the versions of SCS truck simulations and this was bet of them all.The GPU usage has greatly been optimized now then Euro Truck simulation 2. The dynamic environment is awesome and the colors of desert and grassy grounds are beautiful, nice shades all around. Truck delivery system is created very efficiently. The size of the cities created is ok as bigger cities would be annoying in this type of game but if the truck stations are outside city and you can visit inside city for some additional features would be nice. Here are some suggested improvements.

1) Horn or flash light the car or trucks (when our speed is more than theirs) the AI of the vehicle should anaylze is there is no vehicle coming from other lane then it should give us the way by moving from our lane.

2) People should be moving casually like on Bikes bicycles inside city not like robots. Outside city as it is america there should be Bikes going on around.

3) More type of civilian vehicles.

4) Fast Air should be visible and have voice and a bit impact on Truck

5) Some very high places should be created like in desert or greener areas. As high as we can go to snowy mountain cities for delivery. Small roads for mountains more dangerous. That all would be thrilling

6) Some lakes going through roads and sometimes we have to go over the river with wooden like bridges in small cities or hilly areas.

7) The fields and far view of left or right of road unaccessible areas should be more beautiful and better graphics.

8) Lane changes with indicator ON should give us some credit like we did alot then we should be awarded 10-15 xp.

9) More realistic trees and more realistic people around the way doing their work. The poultry created are like robots make them a bit more realistic. Tractors working in fields and people doing stuff.

10) Things should happen occasionally as per signs like animals walking on the road or landslide warning. things like that should happen in realtime.

11) We could be allowed to help other truck owners whom trucks are facing some problem

12) An additional feature could be we could give lift to people to where we are going.

13) Having Co-odriver in truck wont hurt. HE/SHE would be helping with stuff of managing our company or even auto drive truck at low speed for some limited time.

14) Tyre Air check should be added.

15) In cities and in working areas working men should be created and we have to watch not to hit them truck and they could also help us in parking truck

Hope to see some good and advanced gameplay in upcoming versions.