Go Ask Alice

User Rating: 10 | American McGee's Alice X360
American McGee's Alice is, in my eyes, one masterpiece of a game. From the story McGee has crafted to the display it's presented, this game succeeds on all levels.

Don't think you know this Alice, as you will find out, she is not the happy, mischievious little girl we all know and love. American Mcgee's Alice is a young woman that has been emotionally (and mentally) torn apart with her parents death in their housefire, and Alice has been destined to live life in Rutledge Asylum. She lies awake, night after night, just staring off with her eyes, clutching onto the only momento from her childhood: her stuffed White Rabbit.

The game does not take long to catapult you into the universe of Wonderland, and as soon as Alice lands, she comments on how the place seems a lot different than she last imagined, and even the Chesire Cat has grown mangy and twisted. Right away he tells her she has an attitude, and hopefully still the willingness to explore. Something is not right in the Wonderland, that is clear, and Alice learns that the Red Queen's torment has reached everyone's hearts, forcing the poor and sick to become slaves, the happy to become sad, and the smart to become complete blithering idiots.

You traverse through the lands of Wonderland, running into familiar faces such as the Catepillar, Mad Hatter, the Duchess, the Jabberwock, and many more. As Alice says, everyone here seems completely dejected, and it's up to you to set both Wonderland, and your mental stability, on balance.

You also have access to an arsenal of some pretty imaginative weapons, such as the flamingo Croquet mallet that is popular in the serious, lethal Jumping Jax, a Blunderbaust, a deack of Sharp cards, a frost staff, demon dice, a Jack in a Bomb, and of course, the legendary Vorpal Blade.

For the longest time, BuffyTVS on XBox was my favorite game, then I played this, and they released it again on the 360, which I was DYING FOR, and I can now say wholeheartidly that this is my favorite video game. It offers such imagination and really cool isht to see, and the storyline is deep and moving (there are a few times where Alice literally breaks down and cries due to the horriblness that goes on around her), and the last boss fight is pretty epic.

That is pretty much how I sum this game up: an epic masterpiece. I'm not even going to tell you it's worth playing, the game speaks for itself. Alice: Madness Returns was a sweet game, and I'm SOOOO thankful they did it, but the original will always be my most cherished video game, as it speaks to me both as a gamer and a human being.