A trippy adventure through a fantastic nightmare.

User Rating: 7.9 | American McGee's Alice PC
American McGee's Alice looks good even by today's high computer graphics standards. The reason it succeeds in this area so well is because the game has a very unique psychedelic style to it. Also, the ingame music is fantastic. No doubt this is thanks to Chris Vrenna, formerly of NIN, and his minimalist creepy atmospheres that he creates. I enjoyed the bizarre take on the popular story of Alice, although at times the idea did get a bit monotonous. The plot follows bits and pieces of the original story, but with a Goth twist. Fortunately, in the large box PC version of this game, a journal is included that adds more depth to the insane asylum story. The gameplay is decent for a 3rd person computer action-adventure game, but certainly not revolutionary. There are a good variety of enemies, and many fun weapons that you can use to dispose of them. I ran into a few physics problems, e.g. getting stuck in walls and falling through the floor, but these were few and far between. Unfortunately, this game does not have much replay value. There aren't really any secrets to speak of. You can get to hidden areas, but this usually yields nothing more than health that you don't need. Definitely worth a bargain bin buy.