Great RTS, Historical and True... but after some games, it's get really repetitive.

User Rating: 6.8 | American Conquest PC
I searched for american conquest after masterin' European Wars: Cossacks. I wanted a game like cossacks and read about AC and got it. When i first played I was like "Damn God"... it's cool playin' as a European nation or a native american tribe... but later playing, I found this game is very repetitive... It's doesn't have the exactly gameplay of cossacks and the thing that you need to create a villager and them send him to the barracks to create troop is really lame in my opinion... In Cossacks you'll click 500 times in the pikemen icon, and you'll have 500 pikemen waiting... but in AC, you'll need to create 500 villagers first and send'em to the barracks. This is a 'different feature' in RTS... since you'll not be able to create a army at first hand and this give some unfair advantage to some native american (like the iroquois, since their villagers have the ability to fire arrows at buildings at the begining, so if you build a lot of villagers and send them to the enemy's base... it's like you have lot of archers, doing an Unfair RUSH) at the European Nations

This is a great game at first hand, but later get boring and repetitive... in a way that cossacks isn't