American Conquest is a realistic strategy game, but it also has a short value.

User Rating: 8.2 | American Conquest PC
Gameplay: Gameplay is realistic, I haven't seen any game as realistic as this. You have to feed people, build buildings for them, etc. You can conquer enemy buildings and command soldiers inside the building to defend it... I've never seen such a realistic game. The battles are massive and won't be over in a minute. But there are bad things in the gameplay. It's partially too hard and you should be doing stuff all the time. You should be gathering food, fighting and building some buildings at the same time so that you can stay at the top. Otherwise the gameplay is great.

Graphics: Looks pretty good although there are some minor problems. Especially battles look great.

Sound: Great musics, they fit in the style. Sound effects were not as good as the musics.

Value: Now this is the worst thing. Because this game is too hard, you won't probably play it too much. American Conquest is probably in "Now Playing" sections for a week or two. But if you are despairly looking for a realistic strategy game, you'll get hooked for this game.

Tilt: American Conquest is the most realistic strategy-game i've ever played. You should absolutely get this game, but if you pay attention to value very much, buying this game is not necessary.