One of the best RTS's to date. -Warning Lengthy Review-

User Rating: 9.3 | American Conquest PC
American Conquest is an RTS that is like the Cossacks series. But this time it takes place in the Americas during the 18th and 19th centuries. There are many campaigns to take part in including The Revolutionary War, The French and Indian War, Christopher Columbus's Expeditions and more. In the campaigns that are based on wars you play as both sides in the war. The replay value is huge because of a lot of campaigns, single historical missions, and skirmishes. Along with fantastic replay value is some great gameplay. If you can find a drummer, captain, standard bearer and a lot of troops you can turn them into a regiment where they fight better but can be affected by morale and such. It is great to watch 2 armies each fire a volley and then see half of each army fall. Before each mission is a nice little history lesson that is easy to understand even for people who hate history. There are quite a few different factions. You have the basics like the French and the British. But there are also many Native American tribes and ancient empires like the Mayans or the Aztecs. I dont find it to be a problem but many others do. The animals are particularly aggressive but as long as you have a few soldiers they can gun them down. Every building except for mines can be manned by troops for defense. Therefore you don't need to make specific buildings that are defensive structures. The missions are never boring because they all vary in objectives. The graphics are very nice especially the water reflections. I would recommend this game to anybody who likes a great RTS and an occasional history lesson.