Oh yeah! This game is awesome! Very good RTS game.

User Rating: 10 | American Conquest PC
One of the coolest RTS games ever. The amount of units that be on the battlefield is spectacular. One of my favorite things is the navy units that you can have. I usually use them to bombard my enemy's base and his troops. Its really cool when there's a lot of enemy troops close together and your frigate opens fire on them. The carnage is awesome! The buildings have very good graphics, and there are a lot of buildings to chooes from. There is also a lot of different unit types to choose from. The cavalry is the best ground unit, because their fast, deadly, and maneuverable very maneuverable. Just make your cavalry move very close to the enemy army and then their start firing on their own. The cause wide spread destruction. It's awesome! This game is one of my favorites. If you want it, go ahead and get it! Like I said, a great game for any one.