Still, aftre three years...nothing else quite like it.

User Rating: 8.7 | American Conquest: Fight Back! PC
The graphics for this game are truly remarkable and lifelike. I only wish it were easier to model my own maps with an editor that was a little more user friendly.

The game play is fantastic! I enjoy the time period in history in which the game takes place and I have yet to find another game that has ever attempted to duplicate this game's efforts. In particular, I enjoy games against the computer using only the native tribes... without any Europeans. The only difficulty I've run into here is that on accassion, the computer will have one or two peasants who are "immortal" and therefore a game of total annihalation can never be finished. In a game against Europeans, these "immortal" native peasants can only be taken out by cannon fire. The trick is to find wher these peasants are hiding. Usually, they are off chopping wood but they just stand there never ceasing to chop away. No such difficulties with European players.

Well worth the money spent considering all the hours of gameplay it has provided me.