Fun for a while but starts to get so repetetive and last so long you may fail to even finish your game.

User Rating: 7 | American Conquest PC
Campaign is alright not as much action as in skirmish. But the thing in skirmish is it is impossible to freaking take a town. You have to raid building after building while taking fire from practically every building which is in a way realistic. You can have your men occupy a house and defend the city like so. Another thing is cannons have the most retarted loading time in which they have like a 30% chance to hit their target to even begin with. And amassing armies takes a LONG time and by this time the enemys town is built up and ready to defend practically every town is impregnable 30 mins into the game. And AI is pretty decent they attack with some quite large forces which gives you a good chance to defend and attack. All in all this game is worth playing but just borrow it from a friend or something cause youll get tired of playing it over and over and over with each game being like 9 hours long.