Just plain good.

User Rating: 8.2 | American Conquest PC
This game would be great, but it had some flaws. First would be those pesky bisons. One bison can kill off your peasants at the granary, thus cutting off your food supply. That's the only major flaw there, otherwise, if you have a few hundred thousand men against a few hundred thousand enemy troops, things start to get slow... and food would free fall. Another pesky flaw there, besides the animals.

Yes, there are flaws in AI, such as when you go on a fire fight with your men, they would unnecissarilly chase the enemy. Another flaw is with shooters, instead of attacking the enemy, when you move them,they would forget all about the enemy and move, thus pummelling them and kill you. woot. :D

Yes, it's inaccurate, seeing as a Battle Canoe can destroy a Frigate, seeing as how the Frigate's men could easily just shoot off the enemy with their own rifles, instead of needlessly attempting to kill them with a cannon.

Another thing to point out is that the enemy AI would do a certain pattern: Make two forts, 5 or so dwellings, a granary or two, use at least 15 peasants to get the food, then get the number up, do the same thing with Storehouses, then make a few troops. they also always either put one person on their buildings as garrison, or fill themup. So high numbers of the enemy would always be peasantry.

But there are good points, Gameplay is never boring, the Sound is Great, I could listen to it all day long, even the graphics, especially when you set it to a Mini-mode, is worthy of a good game. Except for the fact that it would eat up all your RAM, but that would only mean that you can only play that program and nothing more.

So anyway, this game is good, other than those flaws metioned, this is a good game, worthy of playing.