American Coquest is one of the better "Real time Streategy" I've played in a while,

User Rating: 8.8 | American Conquest PC
Gameplay: American Conquest takes place during the European colonization of North America between the 15th and 18th centuries. In the the single-player portion of the game contains numerous campaigns and scenarios that follow some important events during this time span. You'll take part in Columbus' expeditions, the Conquistadors' conquest of the continent, The French and Indian War, Tecumseh's uprising, and the American Revolution. You can play on both sides of the mission for each campain which makes it more intresting and have more replay value. Like the first Cosscks game there are many fractions you can play with. You can control the American colonist, British, French, and Spainish. You also get to play with Native fractions like the Iroquois, Delaware, Sioux, Pueblo, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, and Huron nations. There is also of course a multiplayer part in this game where the server can hold up to four players. You have have usually free for all and team battles online battles. This can be quite fun and addictive. In American Conquest, the effects and movements are a vast inprovement from the first cossacks game. Everything moves more smoothly and realisticly from the cannon fire to the movement of the loading muskets. You can still produce thousands of troops to throw at the enemy and be pretty hard to defend you base with constant waves of enemy troops coming at you. The land battles take some strategy too, for maximum effectiveness you have to group your men in to one unit and have them all fire in one direction to drop the first several lines of the enemy until they fall back which can be pretty fun to watch but at the same time you can lose quite alot men to fast. Espcially against native archers which can fire and a much faster rate but don't have as long a rang as thoughs with muskets. So basicaly the gameplay is the same, meaning that you have to gather food, gold and other stuff to build you base and army like the first games. There are also random maps you can play against the computer if you are not playing the campains.

Graphics: Well the graphics have being improved from the original Cossacks series. The game combines 2-D and 3-D graphics and everything is nice and colorful and nice to look at. The detail on the soldiers and ships have being vastly improved and so have the ships, which seem larger. Also as usuall the building are very detailed in everyway. Sound: The sound(s) is quit good, everything from the explotion of the fireing cannon to a falling building sounds the way they should sound and are improved from the original Cossacks series. Value: All in all this is a very fun game with lots of campains to play on both sides. Also there is lots of replay value in the single player on and off the campain and with the mulitplayer. I'm sure that this game will give many hours of fun for a long time. I give this game 8.8 out of 10.