A game that has the classic feel but is unbearably boring and at times, extremely frustrating.

User Rating: 3.5 | Alundra 2: A New Legend Begins PS
This game caught my eye while I was browsing old PS games because I am always on the lookout for old school plat formers/puzzlers. I am also a huge fan of RPGs. I wasn't expecting too much from this game as it got poor to mediocre views from critics yet the fans praised it enough for me to investigate for myself.

The game itself seems pretentious as soon as you open the large size multi-disk jewel case and discover that there is only one disk contained within. I suppose they wanted it to look more important than other games that only have one disk or maybe the instructions didn't fit. Who knows? Anyway, the story is set in a futuristic fantasy world blended with pirate ships and swordplay. It centers on a young boy named flint who is a famous pirate hunter with a troubled past. He meets a princess whose mission it is to save the king from a baron and his henchmen who have kidnapped him. As the narrative unfolds you learn more about the characters and the motives of all the baddies all of which is rather generic and predictable. Plus it is a long game with slow pacing.

While it is a colorful game that aims to include a wide variety of different scenery and environments, the overall visuals are not very impressive for a Playstation title in a time that had already seen games such as Final Fantasy VIII. In order to give you a better grasp on the graphics, I will say that they are similar to average games you'd see on a N64.

By far the most cringe worthy feature of this game is the music. There are about three variants of looping dungeon music that plays throughout the lengthy action and plat forming segments. The music in town isn't much better. There is even a pop song about pirates… It's as bad as you can imagine. Most of the dialogue is written text but to the games credit there is some voice work that takes place during the cut-scenes. The sound effects aren't even worth a mention. They seem like a bunch of overused samples from the Sega Genesis days.

Game play:
I enjoyed the plat forming segments in small amounts but the controls took a lot of getting used to. The camera is a chore to manage which is always a shame and a common pet-peeve of the plat forming genre but this game takes the cake. Also some of the dungeons go on forever and as the difficulty increases, so does the tedium and lack of fun. I say that of the few things this game does decently, my favorite is the boss battles. There are about a dozen or so of these fights (with increasing difficulty) that are quite fun and multi-staged. It took me back to the Zelda days and I had the most fun during these battles. There is also an ample amount of bonus items and side quests to suck your time away and ensure that you are very powerful by the end of the game. Honestly though, I believe most people's time would be better spent playing a more fun game.

I realize that there are many supporters of this game so take my review for what it is and check others if you're not convinced. I'm going to say that everyone should pass this one up. There are plenty of better PS era action/RPGs.